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Afzelia pachyloba wood is an economic species of wood of the tropical forest tree in the family Fabaceae. Pachyloba tree is mostly found in tropical Western and Central Africa where it is threatened by habitat loss. Afzelia pachyloba trees occur in dense evergreen forests and the tree always reaches its best development on moist sites. Pachyloba trees usually reach heights of 26 to 40 m, with a diameter of up to 100 to 170 cm and more.

Cameroon Pachyloba African Timber for Sale

Being part of the Afzelia class, pachyloba wood is an African wood species that is commonly known as white afzelia. It is an economic species of a tropical forest tree. The pachyloba wood is mostly local to the Cameroon rain forest but can also be found in other regions of western and central Africa.

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How to find Elegant Pachyloba Wood for Varied Purposes

Most times sold under the name doussie, afzelia pachyloba has been compared to both mahogany and teak for its favorable appearance, durability, and stability. Because Afzelia wood is so hard and strong, it is among the most valuable exotic hardwood species. Its uses include fine flooring, furniture, decking, stair rails, and construction.

Buy pachy wood online. It is among the most valuable exotic hardwood species in the world just because pachyloba Afzelia wood is so hard and strong. The pachy wood is used for several purposes including flooring, furniture, decking, stair rails, and construction and pachyloba timber has excellent resistance to attack by termites. Pachyloba wood remains smooth even under friction. Pachyloba Afzelia shows only small movement with time. Upon planning, the dried pachyloba wood has a leather-like smell.

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Exported Parchyloba Timber Types in Cameroon

The wood of Afzelia pachyloba is commonly sold in the international timber market as ‘doussié’, although usually mixed with that of other species such as Afzelia bipindensis Harms. In Africa, Cameroon is the main exporting country of pachyloba timber. Cameroon In 2003 it exported 9900 m³ of sawn doussie wood and 47,750 m³ in 2005. In 2008 Cameroon exported 23,300 m³ of wood, in which Afzelia pachyloba contributed about 17,000 m³.

The different types of Pachyloba can be differentiated based on their different colored constituents. Anatomically nevertheless, there is very little to differentiate them. The characteristics of the African pachyloba wood can vary somewhat Depending on the growing conditions. Parchyloba heartwood is dark yellow to red-brown in color and the sapwood is pale yellow and is 30-50 mm thick.

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