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Samples: 7-Ply Boards
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Over time solid wood furniture has become untenable due to the lack of availability of wood. Ever since, plywood has been the preferred material for making fixed furniture like wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, beds, and tables. There are many types of plywood and you can make your choice of material based on your specific needs.
Features of Plywood 
Here are some of the features of plywood boards:
  • The number of plies determines the thickness of the board, which is available in odd numbers for dimensional stability. The minimum number of plies is 3, while 5 and 7 plies are also commonly available.
  • Grades of plywood define the quality and appearance of the board, with ‘A’ signifying the best quality and ‘D’ the lowest.
  • The boards are commonly available in sheets of 4’ x 8’ or 3’ x 7’, with thickness ranging from 1/8th inch to 1 ¼ inch.
  • Usually, starting price ranges from Rs 45 per sq ft (for 6 mm thick water-resistant boards) to Rs 30 per sq ft (for commercial boards from reputed manufacturers like Greenply and Duroply).
  • Plywood is available as pre-laminated and pre-veneered boards. While this option reduces the execution time, the range of finishes available is very limited.
  • Plywood has high strength and durability and holds screws well without splintering.
  • It is cheaper than wood but more expensive than MDF and particleboard.
  • Plywood can be reused and recycled. It is considered to be more environmentally friendly than solid wood. However, resins and glue used can cause harmful emissions in the long run.
  • To prevent off-gassing, buy plywood that is manufactured using ‘green’ processes. Don’t forget to ensure that all surfaces are sealed completely.
  • Due to its layered construction, plywood cannot be shaped or routed like MDF.
  • Exposure to water can cause damage to the board. However, this is minimized in case of water-resistant and waterproof boards. They are also known as Marine boards.
  • The surface is raw and must be finished using laminate, veneer or paint.
Product Name
Plywood for sale from Cameroon Timber Shipping Company
 1220x2440mm or as per request
 4-18mm Various thicknesses
OSB3 construction gared,OSB2 packing gared
Species Sapele, Ayos, Eloumba, Okoume
Package Pellet Packaging & Delivery
Douala, Cameroon
Roof decking, furniture, packing, hoarding, signboards and portable building, construction- al insulation board, based on customer’s needs

Choosing the Right Plywood for Your Home

Now that you are equipped with all the information you need on the features and types of plywood, you can make the right material choices for your homeIf your home is in a coastal area, think of using water-resistant or waterproof boards to withstand humidity in the airCommercial ply can be used in areas that are not exposed to moisture, while water-resistant ply can be used in kitchens and bathrooms for greater durability.
Want more guidance with respect to your home interiors? The Cameroon Timber team can help you make all the right décor decisions!


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